From here on, ‘The Partnership’ refers to the LIFE R4ever Kent project partners (Natural England, Environment Agency, South Cumbria Rivers Trust, Freshwater Biological Association), ‘we’ refers to The Partnership, and ‘Media’ refers to photographs and free text.

By submitting your media, you are agreeing that:

  • The submitted media is yours to freely share. It is not somebody else’s work.
  • The submitted media does not contain misleading or offensive information, and do not infringe on or break any laws, third-party rights or policies. Natural England will moderate all submissions and remove at our discretion anything that contravenes our anonymity policy or violates any laws. This may include the following –
  • Photographs or images identifying individuals
  • Any personal information
  • Anything obscene or discriminatory
  • Copies of others’ work
  • Information containing third party materials and/or content that you do not have permission to use

By offering media submissions you represent and warrant that they comply with the above list.

  • You accept no fee for use of your submitted media and we will not return your media to you.
  • We can use, edit and make changes to your media without your permission.
  • We can use your media in any medium, in print and electronic formats, without limitation, for as long as we want.
  • We usually credit your name alongside the media you submit when used, but we can’t guarantee it.
  • This does not guarantee that we will use your submitted media.
  • The Partnership is free to share your submitted media and details of the copyright holder and any information held in this form, issued by Natural England, across the Partnership.

Find out more about how we process your data in our Privacy Policy

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