Weatherproof Farming: How to Become Resilient to Flooding and Drought

Workshop summary: How to become more resilient to extreme weather events while increasing profits and maintaining yields

In this FREE workshop, sustainable farming expert Niels Corfield will share basic methods for becoming more resilient to extreme weather events, while increasing profits and maintaining yields.


  • How poor soil and pasture health is bringing systemic weaknesses to grazing operations
  • How to hold on to water after a rainfall event
  • How to eliminate poaching
  • How to grow more grass in drought and with less fertiliser
  • How to build soil health
  • How to use herbal leys and grazing management to become more drought resistant
  • How to improve drainage on your land
  • How to make your fields less impacted by compaction

Open to farmers in the River Kent catchment (includes rivers Mint, Sprint & Gowan).

These workshops are part of a series designed to help farmers build resilience by improving soil health, reducing reliance on costly artificial inputs and adopting grazing systems through whole-farm planning for greater sustainability.

Niels will provide practical guidance on natural ecosystem processes and how farmers can work with these processes to improve farm system efficiency.

Pie and peas lunch will be provided.

If you can’t make this workshop, there is a similar event in the evening on Thursday the 9th of November.

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